Today, I was really in the mood for tomatoes, as often happens in December when it’s completely impossible to get fresh tomatoes. Unless someone has a hoop house set up, which I don’t.  However, I was recently introduced to Campari tomatoes.  Campari tomatoes are hothouse tomatoes so, although expensive and out of season, they still taste amazing if you are having a produce winter blues moment.


For the pico, I cut up the Camparis, added a contrasting color sweet pepper, black beans, and minced garlic.  This was dressed with the juice of one lime plus an adobo pepper pureed with a dash of olive oil.  Add cilantro to taste and you are done.  Make a bunch and eat it throughout the week.


To use up leftovers the next day, I filled a Portobello mushroom caps with the concoction, added whatever cheese I had on hand, and cooked in the oven at 400 F until warm and melty.  YUM.