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December 2015

Happy Holidays!

More fresh fruits and veggies in your holiday= more beautiful, colorful food and less food coma later.  We used a nonfat Greek yogurt dip, and a ranch dip set up next to the veggies.  We fell back on the ranch dip with 12g fat per serving because we were worried the Greek yogurt dip would seem too healthy for the holidays.  All we did for the Greek yogurt dip was add about 1 Tbsp each onion and garlic powder with salt to taste to about a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt. Guests preferred the Greek yogurt!20151226_135342

winter pico de gallo

Today, I was really in the mood for tomatoes, as often happens in December when it’s completely impossible to get fresh tomatoes. Unless someone has a hoop house set up, which I don’t.  However, I was recently introduced to Campari tomatoes.  Campari tomatoes are hothouse tomatoes so, although expensive and out of season, they still taste amazing if you are having a produce winter blues moment.


For the pico, I cut up the Camparis, added a contrasting color sweet pepper, black beans, and minced garlic.  This was dressed with the juice of one lime plus an adobo pepper pureed with a dash of olive oil.  Add cilantro to taste and you are done.  Make a bunch and eat it throughout the week.


To use up leftovers the next day, I filled a Portobello mushroom caps with the concoction, added whatever cheese I had on hand, and cooked in the oven at 400 F until warm and melty.  YUM.

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