I made the choice to become a physician in high school, but I have always had close associations with the healthcare system due to being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of two.  I acquired Type I diabetes at that time, and ever since have been reliant on medication to survive.  I learned as a young child that I could become blind, lose a limb, or lose my kidneys as a result of my illness.  However, the better I took care of myself the better my chances to maintain normal function.   As a result, I developed a sincere interest in preventive healthcare from a young age.  Spoiler: The end of this story is 30 years after diagnosis I have no complications from my illness.

I went to Illinois Wesleyan University in Normal, Illinois (yes, it is actually called that) for my undergraduate BA in Biology.  I then transferred to Des Moines, Iowa to obtain my DO degree, then returned to Normal to pursue a residency in Family Medicine.  I graduated from THAT program summer of 2015.  I then pursued a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Fellowship in Pikeville, Kentucky.  “Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine” is the new fancy medical terminology for Osteopathic manipulation.  It means I spent one year getting better at this modality of helping people heal.  For more information on Osteopathic Philosophy and Practice, see my “Physician Mission” page.  Currently, I am practicing Family Medicine in Portage, Wisconsin.

I do not like the idea of forcing a healthy lifestyle on anyone, myself included.  I would much rather do something because it is pleasant than do something to avoid punishment.  Every day should be enjoyed- life is too short to do anything else!  Being healthy is often portrayed as being a difficult, time-consuming, unenjoyable way to live.  I believe that the complete opposite is true. Being healthy is delicious, fun, happy, and natural.

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